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Intro: An active member of various community-based organizations and in constant touch with businesses, schools, sports, churches, libraries, and social service agencies.  From being a Room Mom of her two son's (now 31 and 22 years old) classrooms, to heading the Art Docent Program, Chairing the LCHS Value Card- PTSA's Fundraising and Integrated Arts Museum, to leading Friends Of Art @ LCHS as the President of the Board. 

Job: Currently filling the position as Public Relations Director at Kobeissi Properties, City of La Cañada Flintridge.  Her constant network throughout the community and neighboring areas, has helped Analily accomplishing one of her main job functions: to building connections between Kobeissi Properties' philanthropic  program and groups or associations that may need support through Fundraising, to heighten their valuable services to the community.

Philanthropy: Analily is an active member of the Community Scholarship Foundation of La Cañada Flintridge [CSF] and holds a board position as 1st. V.P. Fundraising, in which she has teamed up with Sandy Kobeissi as Co-Chairs.  Their unique events’ style have put the dynamic duo on the spotlight and they have been requested  to coordinate various fundraising events throughout the community, raising over $50,000.00 in the last two years. 

Community: Finding a hands-on group to keep her connected to her community is important for Analily, and she has found that important element, and great camaraderie among well seasoned and highly experienced Ambassador colleagues, in La Cañada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce.  Being part of the Ambassador's Program, has been an amazing experience that has strengthen her ability to communicate with business owners, learning  about their needs,  and to learn to appreciate the hope each one of them has put in our community, to succeed.

Passions:  One of Analily's passions is to share her culture ,and especially, her first language: Spanish. Finding the time to teach to local students Castellano, has been her priority.  Many of her students come from different cultures, age and learning levels: from Pre-K, Elementary, High School, Senior Citizens to College students, via Skype.  Presently, she teaches Spanish for Business, Traveling +  Spanish for School students, from her office building at Kobeissi Properties.

Hobbies: Anything that relates to Art! Having a background in Graphic and Architectural Design has been a great structure to help her develop her love for Ceramics.  Analily is a ceramicist and member of Xiem Ceramics Studio in Pasadena.

Sports: Analily continues to pursuit the enhancement of her tennis game, on daily basis at Flint Canyon Tennis Club and various public tennis courts. It is a hard job to hold the  2018 Number one 3.0 player in Southern California, and weekly lessons with tennis coach, world's number one Junior's player in Australia and past number two player for UCLA- Jong Ming Lee, are key to keep honing her tennis skills.  Analily also attributes her tennis successes to keeping in constant touch, with her conditioning and nutrition guru, lately awarded Best World Athlete in Natural Body Building - Adrian Pietrariu.  She books her workouts and nutrition with Adrian, out of Strut Studio, on weekly and monthly basis.

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La Cañada Union 76


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La Cañada Union 76

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